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Your Journey Guide is your manual for creating a euphoric life.

This is the one tool that you really need to have because it helps you keep track of everything, organizes your life, and creates a fun way to be accountable to yourself.

The Journey guide contains all of your routines, directions, calendars, goals, inspiration, household items, preparedness plans, and menu plans.

It’s never completely done because just like life, it keep evolving. Remember progress not perfection. Just dive in and get started.

If building your own Journey Guide feels too hard, you can buy The Euphoric Life Journey Guide by clicking here.  It’s all been done for you. All you have to is print it, put it in a binder, and add some organization tabs.

How To Build Your Own Journey Guide

  1. Gather your supplies
  2. The Basics 
  3. Dailies
  4. Weekly
  5. Monthly
  6. Extras
  7. Weekly and monthly outline
  8. Tips