Journey Guide Step 8

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Don’t be a perfectionist. The Journey Guide has a lot in it, essentially all the parts of your life. It can’t be done in one sitting. Work through the steps 15 minutes at a time.  Remember, your Journey Guide will grow and evolve all of the time.

Create and customize it for your needs.  I’ve given you a basic outline of the Journey Guide to start with but it’s not the only way. It must work for you. For example, you might need 2 different Journey Guides,  one for home and one that you use for work.

Always keep it someplace that you’ll see it.  The Journey Guide is a tool but it’s also a pillar so keep it close to you and where you can see it. Don’t put it in your office and forget about it.

If building your own Journey Guide feels too hard, you can buy The Euphoric Life Journey Guide by clicking here.  It’s all been done for you. All you have to is print it, put it in a binder, and add some organization tabs.

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