Journey Guide Step 6

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Inspiration Pages – Create pages that have quotes and pictures that inspire you. Think of these as mini vision boards in your Journey Guide.  This is a great section to have when you’re feeling down or a little lost.

Goal Checklist – Write out your goals for the month, 3 months, 6 months, and the year. Then start breaking them down into baby steps. Add those baby steps to your daily, weekly, and monthly sheets.

We are going to use my GAPS-Journey_Guide system to create and complete your goals.

Goal (Your desire statement)

Actions (Your action steps)

Pillars (Your motivational cues)

Schedule (Your accountability)

The Formula Cheat Sheet – Add The Formula into your Journey Guide so that you can use when things get tricky.

Be Prepared Checklist and Phone Numbers – Put together kits and lists for bad weather, colds, car, and tools.

Add all of the phone numbers that you might need from you salon, babysitter, the police department, plumber, to the insurance company. Don’t rely on your cell phone to store those numbers because one mishap and you’re completely disconnected.

Make sure you know how to:

  • Turn off the water (main, toilets, sink, ice maker, and water heater) in your home.
  • Shut off the gas and electricity.
  • Insurance protocols
  • Batteries in smoke and carbon detectors


Once you’ve done this move on to step 7

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