Journey Guide Step 4

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All of the pages in the weekly are good pages to laminate or put in a page protector and use dry erase markers on.

Weekly Healthy Habits – This is the section that we set up our healthy habits for the week such as water consumption, exercise, “Me” time, and limited screen time.

Weekly Notes – This is a list of what needs to be done during the week such as appointments, goal steps, or whatever needs to get done this week.

Weekly Appreciation Plan – Monday is the day that we do our Appreciation Plan here at he Euphoric Life Journey.  Here’s a link to download and print your Appreciation Plan.  A lot of Flames like to print The Cracked Pot story and put it in the extras section as a reminder.

GAPS– What do you need to this week to achieve your goals?

Weekly Menu – This week’s menu and start adding what you need to buy for next week’s menu.

Loving Me Quests – You can find these in your weekly email or in the Journey Map.


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