Journey Guide Step 2

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The Basics

Today we’re setting up the dividers for your Journey Guide. This is a general guideline, a Journey Guide is a personal thing and needs to have your stamp on it.  I’ll give you the basics to start with and as we move through the steps you’ll fill the dividers.

If you already use a planner, you can add or adapt the planner to work with your new Journey Guide. For example, I use a Me& My Big Ideas planner. I add the Journey Guide specific pages to that planner.

Here’s how you’ll divide up your Journey Guide


You Flame Vow to create a Euphoric Life Journey


Euphoric Daily Reminder – The Euphoric Life Journey Daily reminders.

Your daily to do list – What you need to do everyday. Make a list and add it to your Journey Guide.

Three times two plan– Blank paper that you can write down your six new positive thoughts down in the morning and evening.


Weekly Healthy Habits – Water, healthy eating, exercise, personal time, screens off timeout.

Weekly Notes – What you need to do or remember for the week.

Weekly Appreciation Plan – Click here to get your copy for your Journey Guide. 

Weekly Menu – What are you eating this week and what do you need to buy?


2020 Year Calendar

The Weekly Direction Schedule – The focus schedule for the month that you’ll also get in email every week.

12 Monthly Calendars

Extra Dividers

Inspiration Pages – place to put quotes, pictures, and other things that inspire you.

Goal Checklist – What are your monthly, 3 month, 6 month, and yearly goals?

Create A The Formula Cheat Sheet

Be Prepared Checklist and Phone Numbers – Make a list of what you need to have to be prepared for weather emergencies, colds, car emergencies, etc. and a list of all of the phone numbers of people and services.


Once you’ve set up the dividers move on to step 3.

If building your own Journey Guide feels too hard, you can buy The Euphoric Life Journey Guide by clicking here.  It’s all been done for you. All you have to is print it, put it in a binder, and add some organization tabs. Or you can add the pages that you need to your existing planner.


The Euphoric Life Journey Guide

Printable Guide To Help You Create Your Euphoric Life and keep up with Email Group.

The 2020 Version

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