Glow Again Program


Glow Again is an eight week one-to-one coaching program for women who want to build an ideal life after the loss of a relationship.

Getting a new life up and running requires a lot of vision, clarity, and the ability to stay positive during a really hard and confusing time.  Without guidance, the process can feel overwhelming.

Glow Again can fast-track your growth and save you years of living in a leftover life.

 I’m a veteran coach that has helped a lot clients rebuild and find their real life happy ending.


I would be honored to work with you.


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Glow Again is intense and challenging.

There is no easy button, magic pill, or guaranteed result for creating a new life after the loss of a significant relationship.

Creating a life that makes you proud and happy requires tremendous focus, courage, and persistence.  You have to be willing to work hard and know that you a building for a lifetime, not a moment.

Glow Again is for you if you are ready to commit to yourself, rebuild a new life, and build it stronger and better than it was before.


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This is not a self-study course or group coaching.

This is one-to-one coaching through email.  It is between you and me.

You get UNLIMITED emails.

Need to vent…Send an email.

Having a meltdown…Send an email.

Have a question…Send an email.

Need support…Send an email.

Glow Again gives you 8 weeks of UNLIMITED email coaching with me.

The rules are simple:

You send email whenever you want.

I take two days off a week and will let you know each week what those days are.

I take holidays off.

I will get back to you in 24 hours.



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You have a story to tell.  I want to know that story.

In week one you’ll get to tell your story. I’ll get to know you and where you are in your journey.

This week is very cathartic.

You get to really talk about yourself, what you have lost, what you want again, and possibly even start to dream again. It can be a huge rush of emotions and healing all in one.

By the end of this week, we’ll know each other and begin your rebuilding process.



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When you were with your partner, you naturally developed goals and priorities together.

After the loss of a relationship it is very natural not to have any priorities.  You really haven’t had time to start dreaming again.

In week two we start with Module 1: Priorities.   This week we figure out what your goals are and learn how to achieve them.  You’ll get a Love Book (34 pages) that is filled with exercises to help you start rediscovering  yourself, start setting goals, and start working on time management.  You’ll also be working with me that week on your priorities.

By the end of this week you’ll have goals, both big and small. You’ll have taken the first steps toward building a new ideal life.




Oh my goodness!! Self-love takes a major hit after the loss of a relationship.

In week three we are going to work on Module 2: Self-Love.

You’ll get the Love Book (33 pages) about self-love.  You’ll learn what self-love really is and complete exercises to build your self-love practice.  We’ll conquer self-love together.

Self-love isn’t optional, it’s a life changer. By the end of week two you’ll be practicing self-love on a daily basis with a fully scheduled practice.


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You can’t build your ideal life if your mindset is negative. In week four we’ll work on your mindset.

You’ll get the Mindset Love Book(37 pages). We’ll work on your negative thoughts and beliefs, you’ll learn about the committee, and I’ll be right by your side the entire week.

By the end of this week you’ll have dealt with a lot beliefs and thoughts that aren’t serving you in your new life and you’ll know how to stop negative thoughts in the future.


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In the previous weeks we did a lot of clean up and established new ways of thinking.  In this week we really dig into the new life.

This week is balance but I’m not talking about balancing a million daily things. I’m talking about the BIG stuff. The really BIG stuff…

Your ideal life.

Bam! This week we create real balance in your life by balancing your mind and creating your ideal life.  Your Love Book (38 pages) is full of exercises to create this balance.   Oh and of course, I’ll be there with you!

By the end of this week you’ll have a vision and a plan to build that new ideal life that is all yours!


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You’re going to need the skill of focus to implement that ideal life.  I know it sounds small but let me rephrase…

Without focus you can’t think!  

Focus just became a critical skill! It’s easy to fall into a multitasking, autopilot life. You want more…so the Love Book (31 pages) and our coaching will be all about creating focus.

You’ll be a master of focus by the end of the week!




Two full weeks of coaching with me one-to-one to work through any issues and implement your new skills. These open weeks are designed to give you a chance to reflect and take action with me still at your side.



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You’ll have lifetime access to the program materials.

Remember, re-building your life is not an 8 week, linear event.

You become a VIP Insider.  VIP Insiders get first access to everything including new programs, free content, and limited VIP coaching packages not listed on the website.

You get lifetime access to a client only area. This area contains personality tests, exercises, and additional free resources.




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