Funk Fix is a tool to help get through the rough times!

Thoughts are a runaway train. They start off slow but once they gain momentum they can run off track quickly.

Thoughts create beliefs.

Beliefs create energy and actions.

If your thoughts are positive, let them run.

However, if your thoughts are negative, you want to put the brakes on them before they create negative beliefs and energy.

Negative beliefs and energy creates Love Locks

The stronger the emotion the faster it becomes a belief.

That’s where Funk Fix comes in, it’s a pattern interrupter.

Breaking the negative thought pattern prevents creating Love Locks.

Funk Fix is an emergency brake for negative thoughts.

Funk Fix a Love Key that helps to prevent Love Locks.

Funk Fix is a system (Free Download) that I developed ten years ago to help me through all those rough days.  This system teaches you how to plan ahead for those rough times, tells you what you need to have in your Funk Fix, and gives you more tips on how to make those tough times easier.   I still use my Funk Fix.  I promise you that Funk Fix has gotten me through the toughest times and it will help you, too.