The Follow-Up Program is designed to give you continued support when you need it. You get one week of email coaching and we work on whatever issue you need support or guidance in.

The Follow-Up Program is completely customized to your needs and what you want to accomplish. 

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This is not a self-study course or group coaching.

This is one-to-one coaching through email.  It is between you and me.

You get UNLIMITED emails.

Need to vent…Send an email.

Having a meltdown…Send an email.

Have a question…Send an email.

Need support…Send an email.

 The Follow-Up Program gives you one week of UNLIMITED email coaching with me.

The rules are simple:

You send email whenever you want.

I take two days off a week and will let you know each week what those days are.

I take holidays off.

I will get back to you in 24 hours.

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One Week of Follow-Up Coaching


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