Welcome to the Euphoric Life Journey Terms and Phases! 

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Euphoric Life Journey – A journey that creates balance by harmonizing how you feel about yourself (restoration), creating the a life that you love (reality), and maintaining and developing relationships.

Journey Plan – The introduction to our system that is broken down into baby steps (read about baby steps and why we use them here) and delivered to your email box for 30 days.

Journey Notes – A daily email that provides you with reminders, inspiration, and quests. A weekly preview is available here.

Loving Me QuestsWeekly TLC.

Journey Guide – Our command central and the powerhouse tool that makes a euphoric life possible. Click here to find out more. 

Journey of the month – Each month we focus on one baby step of a euphoric life.  Click here to see the months.

Journey Map – This is the shortcut page to the whole program. Make sure you add it to your favorites. 

Day Trips – Each day there is a focused them so that every week we touch restoration, reality, and relationships.  Click here to see the days.

Daily Reminders – A list of the daily activities that support creating your euphoric life. See the list here. 

The Four Directions – Every month we focus on four areas (restoration, reality, relationships, and route check). Click here to see the schedule.

Three times Two – Our way of creating over 2000 new positive thoughts a year.  You can read more about it here.

Kiss the Baby Daily – Our motto here and a proven path to success. Click here to read more.

Pillars – We decluter our environment of negative pillars and freshen it up with positive pillars. Get our 26 top favorite pillars here! 

The Formula – a quick decision making tool that helps us get through tricky situations and people with grace and ease. Get The Formula here.