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Email Coaching is a time effective way to be coached because there are no scheduled sessions or phone calls.

We coach through email.

You simply select which package you want, pay for it using PayPal, and we start!




Support, expertise, and guidance when you need it!



pileofbooksHow does it work?

We begin with your welcome package.

You tell me your story.

We work together to discover your challenges, your hopes, your dreams, your blocks and what you need to move forward.

Our work is 1:1.

My coaching, guidance,  and expertise are customized for you and your life, with all its unique challenges and circumstances.

We will develop a plan that you can implement to build your ideal life.



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Do you want help as soon as issues or challenges pop up, not next week or next month?

Would you like the freedom to really explore issues?

Do you want a clock controlling your healing, rebuilding, or breakthroughs?

Does phone or in-person coaching feel hard or stressful?

Would you like more time to think and explore?

Do you already have too many demands on your time already?

Do you like the idea of having a dedicated love coach just an email away?

If you answered yes to these questions, you will love email coaching.

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There are so many amazing benefits to email coaching.

Here are my top ten:


There are no limitations such as time zones or scheduling conflicts.  My clients have freedom to email me whenever it suits them.  Clients never have to worry about adding another appointment on to their busy schedules, missing an appointment, paying for a missed appointment, or trying to get on my schedule.

Email coaching removes the obstacles of availability and access and makes it super easy to get the support you need.


On demand access 

How often have you needed help and support and had to wait weeks for your appointment?

Crisis and yucky feelings do not wait for weekly or monthly coaching appointments. They sneak up on you at 3 a.m.  You have to gut it out alone.

When the appointment finally came new, new problems popped up. So you never got to fully work through your issue.

Email coaching gives you support on demand, not weeks away.  It also allows for complete and full exploration of every issue or topic that comes to the surface.


Not limited by a clock

An hour goes by fast…especially when you have to do all the polite pleasantries.  Truthfully, in most hour sessions, twenty minutes is eaten up with the “hellos” and when can you schedule again.

Nobody does their best work when they are watching a clock. Questions aren’t well thought out or complete. Answers are rushed and also not fully thought out.

Email coaching gives both of us time to commit fully to each issue. We both are giving our best. Nothing is rushed!



You get the freedom to email when you want to… when you need to.

You get the freedom to write everything down and be heard.

I get the freedom to answer you when I am fully focused and at my best.

I get the freedom to read and fully understand what is going on.

Email coaching gives both of us freedom to really dig in deep at times that work for us.


A written record

How many times have you asked someone for help and they gave you a great answer but by the time you were in a position to take action, you couldn’t remember the full answer?

With email coaching there will always be a written record.


Honest and real

Email coaching allows you to fully express yourself.

For us introverted types, working face-to-face or over the phone can cause us to chameleon to the person we are working with. We tend to just agree with someone instead of digging deeper because we don’t want to be weird or a problem.

Email coaching allows us to be braver, more open, and more direct about situations.


A thinking pause

In a typical coaching call, there is a volley back and forth, a question is asked and an answer is received.  Coaches know to pause, to give the client time to think and then answer the question.  There is a huge problem in this process though… the clock.  There is a finite amount of time to answer, the clock is ticking. As a result this process gets rushed…too rushed. The client and the coach both feel pressure to get as much in during the hour as possible.

Coaching through email allows for a true thinking pause.


Cathartic release 

Otherwise known as venting. The reason that so many people recommend journaling is that it allows people to release everything that is stuck inside.

Email coaching helps sooth, support and nurture you when you need it most.


Reading between the lines

There are times that we can’t see the problem but other people can. Coaching helps correct problems, such as thought or behavior patterns.

Email coaching takes that a step further, there is a written record. We will be able to “see” the problem, it’s printed in black and white.



Coaching through email allows everyone to come together when it’s convenient for them.  No one is forced to “work” just because the calendar or clock say so.

I know you have responsibilities that prevent you from scheduling appointments, kids, jobs, pets, or just life. I’m a single mom with a toddler and sometimes she just needs her mommy. Coaching through email gives both of us the freedom to work more and when conditions are optimal.


There you have it, my top ten reasons why email coaching is the best option.











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