Welcome Back To Dating is a three week one-to-one coaching program for women who want to get back out there and start dating again.

Dating requires a lot of focus, clarity, and the ability to stay positive during a really emotional and confusing time.  Without guidance, the process can feel overwhelming.

Welcome Back To Dating can you help pick your ideal partner.

 I’m a veteran coach that has helped a lot of clients rebuild and find their real life happy ending.

I would be honored to work with you.



Welcome Back To Dating gives you everything you need to start dating again.


There is no fairy godmother, magic pill, or guaranteed result for dating but there is definitely a wrong way to date.

Getting back out there takes courage, a thick skin, and knowledge about types of people you’ll encounter. This program will give all three.


Welcome Back To Dating is for you if you are ready to get back out there safely with confidence that you can pick your ideal partner.


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This is not a self-study course or group coaching.

This is one-to-one coaching through email.  It is between you and me.

You get UNLIMITED emails.

Need to vent…Send an email.

Having a meltdown…Send an email.

Have a question…Send an email.

Need support…Send an email.

Welcome Back To Dating gives you 3 weeks of UNLIMITED email coaching with me.

The rules are simple:

You send email whenever you want.

I take two days off a week and will let you know each week what those days are.

I take holidays off.

I will get back to you in 24 hours.






You’ll rediscover who you are and get clarity which leads to attracting your ideal partner.


In week one we start with Module 1: It’s all about you!   This week we discover your real values, passions, purpose for dating, and make sure that you don’t have any habits that will prevent you from finding your ideal partner.  We’ll also explore any negative beliefs and thoughts you have about dating. You’ll get a Love Book that is filled with exercises so that you can fully explore the “you” in dating. I’ll be right there by your side coaching you through it all!


By the end of this week you’ll know your values, passions, purpose, and what you from dating. You’ll clean up any bad dating habits and learn how to deal with negative thoughts and rejection.




This week the spotlight is on your ideal partner. You’ll get tools and information to select the ideal partner.

In week two we move on to Module 2: It’s all about them!  This week we’ll focus on your ideal partner. You’ll learn how to catch their attention with your profile, how to date safely, who to walk away from, and what not to do while dating.  We’ll also set up your must haves, deal breakers, and build in some accountability. You’ll get another Love Book that is filled with exercises so that you can fully explore the “them” in dating. We’ll talk about it all during our coaching.

By the end of this week you’ll be confident in your choice of ideal partner because you’ll know who to walk away from, how to write an amazing profile, and be fearless in asking the right questions.


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One full week of coaching with me one-to-one to work through any issues and implement your new skills.


This open week is designed to give you a chance to reflect and take action with me still at your side.









You’ll have lifetime access to the program materials.

Remember, dating is a process and not an 3 week, linear event.

You become a VIP Insider.  VIP Insiders get first access to everything including new programs, free content, and limited VIP coaching packages not listed on the website.

You get lifetime access to a client only area. This area contains personality tests, exercises, and additional free resources.




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