I’m so thrilled that you’re starting your own Euphoric Life Journey! You’ll have an email very soon.

Over the next few weeks we’ll set up your Euphoric Life Journey.  One easy step at a time.

However, if you’re eager to get started, you can start by doing the following steps.

Step One: Take Your Love Locks Assessment!  

Can’t find yours? Download your Love Lock Assessment here!


Step Two: Start Your Journey Plan

Simple Tweak To Success  – By doing this one thing you’ll increase your odds exponentially of succeeding.

Take The Flame Vow  – Become part of the Euphoric Life Journey and take the vow to be a flame.

Three Times Two –  The power of thought is truly amazing but it’s impossible to control. So instead of trying to control your thoughts, start creating new thoughts.

The Formula – Sometimes situations or other people can be less than pleasant. The Formula was created as a way to quickly deal with the issue and move on without causing to many ripples in the pond.

Pillars  – We use pillars a lot in the Euphoric Life Journey. They help us stay motivated and create environments that aid in the euphoric life.

Kiss the Baby Daily – This is our motto here at the Euphoric Life Journey. Find out why and start kissing the baby daily so that you can create you own euphoric life.

Euphoric Terms – We have our vocabulary here at the Euphoric Life Journey. This page will define all of our terms.


Step Three: Journey Plan

Are you ready to set up your Euphoric Life Journey? I will be sending you a daily email called the Journey Plan to help you set up your Euphoric Life Journey.  Make sure that you add Hello@AngelinaBorak.com to your safe senders list so that you don’t miss any of our emails. Your first quest is to take the Flame Vow and then place it in your environment (such as your bathroom mirror or fridge).


Step Four: Build Your Journey Guide

Your Journey Guide is your manual for creating a euphoric life. This is the one tool that you really need to have because it helps you keep track of everything, organizes your life, and creates a fun way to be accountable to yourself.  You can either buy The Euphoric Life Journey Guide by clicking here or learn how to build your own by clicking here. 

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