I believe YOU are a Strong Single Woman with Dreams! 

My clients are single women who are:

  • With or without children
  • Can describe what their DREAMS will feel like
  • Motivated to live their dream
  • May have had their lives torn apart and need support finding planet Earth again
  • Without a support system and may be all alone in the world
  • Might be lonely, stressed out, depressed, scared, tired or missing something
  • They have it all together but want MORE out of life
  • Know that their current path is not leading to the future that they want
  • Ready to TRANSFORM their lives

Coaching is POWERFUL!

You are motivated and you have dreams. You want to be more successful, have better relationships, do more, and feel more fulfilled every day.

Now what? You have tried to reach your dreams without luck…but here is the missing piece. Transformation. In order for your dreams to come to fruition, there must be TRANSFORMATION.

Transformational Coaching is about creating a paradigm shift that allows you to have discovery, growth, and empowerment. Even a small shift in thoughts allows for transformation.  In every session we are working to shift paradigms, to keep your  motivation high, to transform, and to achieve dreams. It is the shift that allows you to reach those dreams you have.

My clients get results because I focus on them! First, I am listening to what you are saying, what you are doing, and what you aren’t saying.  As a result, I will hear and see things that you don’t even know you are doing or saying.  Furthermore, I will encourage you to look and think differently, to build systems, and to take a different approaches to achieve your dreams. Most of all, your dreams are just as important to me as they are to you.

My clients feel that I am the only person in their life who is completely focused on them. I don’t try to please my clients, I transform them.  I am very straight with my clients and speak freely with them. Excuses and fear have no place in transformation.

Transformational Coaching works in all areas of your life.  This type of coaching allows you to truly transform your personal life, your professional life, and your relationships. You will see your world differently.