More Money… More Time… More Love…More SELF-LOVE!

I can give you all kinds of fluffy reasons why you should care about self-love but I'm not going to. Why?  Because self-love is a critical skill in healing from a lost love.   I know that most women are horrible at before they have to rebuild a life.  After you have lost your relationship, you … Continue reading More Money… More Time… More Love…More SELF-LOVE!

Gratitude Boot Camp!

November is now in full swing and Thanksgiving is fast approaching. This post isn't about Thanksgiving in the traditional sense, it's about gratitude. The traditions and the history that are associated with Thanksgiving are not my bag of chips. The history of this holiday is at best, questionable to downright despicable. I am a vegetarian … Continue reading Gratitude Boot Camp!

Don’t Let A Break-Up Stop You!

The stress of a break-up or a divorce can really destroy your life. During this hard time remember to keep up with simple and easy life management habits. All five steps are important. To be most effective, start with step one. Master that step and then move to the next step.   Life Style Basics: … Continue reading Don’t Let A Break-Up Stop You!