The Journey of the Month for August is Awareness

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It’s said that awareness heals. Here in the The Euphoric Life Journey we believe that awareness creates opportunity.

Here are a few questions to work on this month so that you can create new awareness and opportunities.


In order for you create a euphoric life, you need to get out of your own way. Meaning that deep, toxic, false core beliefs about yourself need to be discarded. The only way to do that is to figure out….What are you Love Locks?

So what do you believe about yourself that is negative?

Can you change or let go of this belief so that you can improve your reality and relationships?


By being aware of your current reality you can create awareness of what would make reality feel better.  Through that awareness, you’ll be able to take baby steps that’ll make you happier.

This month what can you bring into your life that will make your reality better?

Time management?  Setting appropriate goals? Get more done?

Hold nothing back and be honest with yourself.

What do you really need to do and commit to doing it?


Awareness in relationships equals picking a better partner, communicating better, or being a better _______ (mom, friend, daughter, co-worker, or partner).

Are you present in your relationships?

Are you giving your relationships your best?

What can you do to create even better relationships?

It’s time to take a deep look at yourself, your reality, and your relationships. This is a gut check month. I want you to dig deep, be honest, and create awareness so that you can create your euphoric life.

Awareness is an opportunity!



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