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A list of the resources sure to help you with Step Two of The Happiness Formula!


7 Tips to Creating Your Euphoric Life

We all have limits. 

Understanding that you have limits allows you to be realistic about what you can really do. Knowing and working with your limits gives you a way to succeed…your limits are like a map for you to follow, a way to craft and adapt to your version of having it all.


Create A Euphoric Life One Word At A Time

How to use the a simple word of the week to improve your life!


How to Succeed With this Small Tweak

When you think of setting a goal, you think of the end result, right?


Do You Believe In Magic?

If I ask you if you believe in magic, what would you say?  Would the question remind you of the witchy magic in the movie Hocus Pocus?  Or the sweet magic of the TV show Bewitched?  Or the romantic lyrics in the Lovin’ Spoonful song “Do You Believe in Magic?”


From the Gloomy Blues to the Sunny Side of the Street

Three Tips to Get Over The Gloomies!

The Single Girl Blues are exhausting because they keep coming. The right tools will help make them less taxing.


Do You Want to Know How You Can Turn Wishes into Reality?

Would you believe me if I said wishes can come true?  You better believe me because that’s exactly right.  IF…


Unfortunate Situations Shouldn’t Be Fishy

Are you prepared?

When you plan for an emergency or an unfortunate situation always keep it simple and easy!


Astonishing Life Lessons?

Here is what my munchkin has made clear to me about building a new life.