🔑Let’s UNLOCK!🔑

A list of the resources sure to help you with Step One of The Happiness Formula!


What Are Love Locks? 

Let’s Get Messy First…

Before we talk about Love Locks,  I want you to do something, an exercise to help give you a reference point. I want you to think back to the last time that you felt awful. I mean truly awful about yourself.


Are You Infected by Love Locks?

Have you caught Love Locks?

I’m sure you know what a common cold is. You’ve probably even had a few colds in your life, right?


Creating a Euphoric Masterpiece

You’re an artist and you’re in the process of creating your masterpiece.

Except… You don’t really know that you’re that you’re creating your masterpiece. You probably aren’t using right tools to paint your masterpiece. More than likely you haven’t spent any time designing your masterpiece.


I’m Not Supposed To Be Happy.

Here’s how to get rid of the “I’m Too_____”.

You have a nasty voice inside your head. Let’s call her the mean girl. Most of us have one, too. Her only job is to stop you from living a fantastic life. That’s it. She serves no other purpose. She can take the form of a perfect image of yourself, another person, or even a scary monster.


Are You Willing To Become Yummy Chocolate?

Self-compassion is the yummiest of treats because it doesn’t matter what happens, you love the skin you’re in, the quarks that make up you, and you’ll do anything to protect your divinely indulgent self from being covered up with high fructose syrup.


Are You Good Enough?

Three Proven Ways To Boost Your Confidence.

Do you feel like you’re good enough? Good enough to achieve your dream? Good enough for your relationships? Good enough to be happy?


You’re the Answer to ALL You Want

I can give you all kinds of fluffy reasons why you should care about self-compassion but I’m not going to. Why?  Because self-compassion is a critical skill that you’ve probably ignored…until you’re faced with a life-changing event.