Have you caught Love Locks?

I’m sure you know what a common cold is.

You’ve probably even had a few colds in your life, right?


When you get a cold you perform poorly, feel tired and sluggish, rely on cold meds to get you through the day, hope for TLC from someone, and wish that you could curl up on the couch with chicken noodle soup and The Price is Right.

That cold is caused by germs that you picked up from somewhere. It doesn’t really matter where you got them from because you already have the cold.

If you don’t slow down and help your body, the common cold can turn into something more serious, like bronchitis or a sinus infection.


Love Locks do almost the exact same thing except instead of attacking your body Love Locks attack your mind.

When you’re infected by Love Locks your mind tells you not to feel good about yourself, convinces you that you can’t achieve your goals, makes you believe that you don’t deserve a good partner, and that you aren’t good enough.


Love Locks get started because of an experience you’ve had in the past. It might something that your parents said to you when you were a child, a choice that you made that didn’t work out, or a major life event like a divorce. It actually doesn’t matter where they came from though. What matters is unlocking them.

That negative experience made you think about it.  We as humans, have the need to analyze everything and think about every facet of the experience in an attempt to avoid future discomfort. It actually doesn’t matter where they came from. What matters is unlocking them.

We have over 60,000 thoughts a day and 80% of those thoughts fall into the negative category. We’re also creatures of habit so we tend to think the same thoughts over and over, day after day.

However, not all negative thoughts are bad.

Some negative thoughts keep us safe. For example, we see a glowing red hot stove and have the thought not to touch it because it will burn our hand.

Negative thoughts only become “bad” when they create problems for us.  Sooner or later the thoughts that we keep having, become beliefs.  This is where Love Locks are formed.

When we turn a thought into a belief, we stop trying to analyze it, validate it, or use discrimination. It becomes just the way things are.


Love Locks are negative thoughts about ourselves that have turned into beliefs.

Beliefs impact our actions.

Our actions impact our reality and our relationships.


A belief like “I’m not good enough” is a Love Lock.

That Love Lock will change your actions which impacts your reality and your relationships. Not to mention makes you feel horrible about yourself.

For example, that Love Lock may prevent us from asking for a raise, starting your own business, or picking a good partner.


Just like the common cold if you don’t clean up your Love Locks, they get worse.

However, when you have a cold you physically feel and see the symptoms. Love Locks live in your brain and they keep multiplying. Suddenly you have many Love Locks that are causing problems for you.  You always feel the symptoms but you don’t see them. In order to see the symptoms you have to objectively look at your past and examine your beliefs.  This can be tough to do because you created the Love Lock.

Unlocking the Love Lock sets you free from the past and allows you positively impact your reality and your relationships going forward.

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