This is the typical BS advice that’s given by professionals when you’re going through a divorce or even years after. None of this is actually made up. It’s advice that I’ve gotten in the past when I was going through a divorce. Many of my clients have also suffered the same foolish advice.

Not only does it NOT make any sense, it isn’t good enough.

It infuriates me because women (and me) end up feeling like they failed at healing and recovering from their awful divorces.

That there’s something wrong with them.

That they’re asking for too much or that they’re needy.

The truth is most divorces feel like the earth disappeared and you’re left without a member of your family, less resources, more responsibility, the possibility of losing your homey nest, and you must pick up all these pieces with a very cautious support system.

No one brings you casseroles or checks on you or volunteers to go with you to your divorce hearings.

There’s a time limit that you can even talk about it. One year at most. After that your divorce has expired.

In fact the opposite is true. You become like the puss filled plague victim.

Your married friends disappear because your divorce might be contagious.

At best you end working with well qualified but clueless people that know nothing about divorce, or someone who went through a divorce 100 years ago and has no memory of what it feels like (kind of like child birth except for me, I remember all of that pain…NEVER AGAIN), or people that take advantage of your pain (they should be tortured for being such horrible human like things).

I’m putting an end to this kind of nonsense because the result is feeling like moldy leftover mashed potatoes that got pushed to the back of the fridge after Thanksgiving.

The Euphoric Life Journey isn’t divorce recovery, life coaching, or date coaching.

It’s A Life Blueprint.

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