If I ask you if you believe in magic, what would you say?  Would the question remind you of the witchy magic in the movie Hocus Pocus?  Or the sweet magic of the TV show Bewitched?  Or the romantic lyrics in the Lovin’ Spoonful song “Do You Believe in Magic?”  Or the heart-stopping magic of your first kiss or the mommy-melting magic of your baby’s first smile?  There’s lots of “magic” in the world, isn’t there?  However, creating your dreams is not magic.


Where’s the Magic?

The magic’s in YOU!  Did you know that the informal meaning of “magic” as defined by the Oxford English Living Dictionary is “exceptional skill or talent?”  You possess your own brand of skillful talents.  You are a crazy concoction of amazing and unique gifts that only you possess.  You are one of a kind and you have one-of-a-kind magic.


An example is the idea of making dinner.  You consider all the choices and decide what the meal is to be.  But that’s not how you actually make the dinner real, is it?  In order to put the food on the table, there are actions required.  Thinking plus doing equals creating.  Easy, huh


A Closer Look

As all experienced cooks know, both planning and doing are not a breeze.  Planning requires knowledge.  What meals do you know how to make?  Planning requires choices.  Do you want to try a new meal?  That’s just the beginning of the questions you ask yourself.  Doing requires knowledge, too.  Do you have the skill to make the meal I like? Do you have the time?  Do you have the ingredients or will you have to shop first?  Even a straightforward meal, one you’ve made a hundred times, requires a complicated process of planning and doing.


The Special Ingredient

But still creating a meal is not enough to turn it into outstanding cuisine.  A feast requires your personal style, your touch, your special secrets…your magic.  The result is a meal that your family loves because YOU made it.


How do you transfer the process of creating a meal to much different wants, evolving desires, and more complicated wishes?  Hmmm.  That’s a good question, isn’t it? Can you take what you know about everyday practical creating, such as making a meal, into new arenas such as finding love, getting a job, or improving your health?  Sure, you certainly can, but it is, admittedly, hard. It’s quite a bit harder than making dinner.


Transitioning from Automaticity

Switching gears from everyday doing things you know to new areas of conscious creation is difficult. That’s what got me to thinking and creating systems.  From the systems I developed for myself, I then decided to organize my knowledge into The Euphoric Life Journey, a kind of sharing of recipes.

Just a Thought

That’s why we have cookbooks, isn’t it?  Women developed the idea of recipes ages ago and have been sharing, tweaking, and buying recipe collections down through the years.  I have the notion that cookbooks were the very first self-help books.  Don’t quote me on that.  Remember I said it was just my quirky idea.

Are you ready to start living euphorically?