Wouldn’t it be nice if there really was a Santa Claus and all you had to do was be kind of good to get what you wanted?  Uh huh!  But there’s no jolly old fellow to make your dreams come true.   Darn it.

But here’s what I’ve got for you!

Today I want to take about the energy component to love or really anything that you want to create in your life.

True there’s no red-suited tubby guy who’s wondering if you deserve something or not.  Santa is not deciding what to give you or not give you.  You’re making that choice. That’s the really good news.


Let’s put this concept into simple terms:

If you want to find the love of your life but believe that you are unlovable. You have created a Love Lock.  The love of your life can’t come into your life because you don’t believe that you can be loved.  The energy responds by keeping love away from you because you are unlovable and the Universe wants you to have what you believe in.


Here’s another:

You are dreaming of your Mr. Right but say things like all men are liars. You have created a Love Lock. All men can’t be liars but if that’s what you believe, then you locking out the good guys; and instead you’ll attract men that are liars because that is your belief.

And another one:

You feel like you need to lose weight in order to attract the kind of man you want.  You lose the weight. Start dating but the only men that show interest in you are men that only care about how you look. Again you have created a Love Lock.  You believe that how you look determines if someone can love you. So you get men that love how you look not who you really are.


One more:

I’ll be single FOREVER! Yep, you will if that’s what you believe. If you don’t believe it, stop saying it. You are creating a Love Lock.  You can’t say something with strong emotion behind it and expect it not to become a belief. You can’t get what you want if you don’t believe you can.


Last one:

Are you pushing or working really hard to find love? Examine the reason why you are pushing so hard. Are you afraid that you won’t find love? If you are trying to find love because you are afraid that you won’t find love, you are creating another Love Lock. The dominate belief is that you won’t find love. That fear is the more dominate belief, not the belief in love.


Love Locks are created based on your beliefs. Your beliefs are creating confusing energy that doesn’t allow what you want to flow to you. The key to a Love Lock is changing the belief. Once the belief is cleaned up, the energy of the thing you want can start flowing to you.


But if I were you, I’d still put out cookies for Santa. It’s the decent thing to do!


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Are you ready to be happy?