You know that people need love and companionship. You weren’t meant to be alone.  You want love from you families, from your friends, from a partner, from your children, and from yourself. Essentially you want a tribe of people that you love and that love you back.


When we have the relationships we want and need, we thrive.
Love is a foundation for success and happiness.
Love is the root and the core of our beings.

Ugh, that sounds great if you have all the love you want.

But what if you don’t?

Love is like a well. It can be very deep and flow freely or it can run dry.

After a divorce or years of being without love, the love well runs dry, you feel it:

You lose the momentum that we once had.

You lose the feeling of being secure.

You don’t feel connected anymore.

Your health and happiness declines.

You lose sleep.

You lose our creativity.

You lose your zest for life.

You hurt.

Once the hurt sets in, you develop Love Locks.

What is a Love Lock?

Love Locks get in the way of giving and receiving love in our relationships. The relationship we have with ourselves, the relationships with family and friends, and romantic relationships are all affected by Love Locks. 
Love Locks are common. Most of us have them.

Most Love Locks get started by a negative experience:

This experience can be something that happened when we were a child.

Something that we experienced in our past that created negative beliefs around love.

Something passed down from our ancestors through stories.

Something that we witnessed and it scared us.

A divorce ~ The biggest cause for Love Locks.

After the experience, we started to think.

We started to build a case for not letting that thing happen again.

We built up our evidence.

We start to say and think things like:

No one will ever love me.

I’m unlovable.

I need to be (thinner, prettier, richer, smarter) in order to find love.

I can’t trust anyone.

I don’t need anyone.

Relationships take away my freedom.

We develop a negative mindset around some part of love.

That mindset then turns into a belief.

At soon as a negative mindset becomes a belief, we stop thinking about it.

It becomes a part of our subconscious.

We start radiating that energy out to the world.

We don’t even know we’re doing it.

And we keep having negative experiences around love.

The evidence keeps building. The negative mindset gets LOCKED into place. The energy keeps flowing in the wrong direction. Bad stuff keeps happening.

Sooner or later, we start to notice that there is a pattern:

We keep picking the same kind of partners that aren’t good for us.

We keep hating ourselves.

We keep having failed relationships.

We have a lot of fear around love.

We keep trying to find love but fail.

We keep feeling unlovable.

We stay single or unhappy.

We talk to our friends and we Google things like single over 40 (50, 60, 70, 80)! We read some really dumb advice.  If we’re lucky, we start to hear a lot about blocks, the law of attraction, and gratitude. Maybe we find a coach, counselor, or maybe an energy practitioner that can help us remove the blocks.

We practice gratitude until we’re just thankful that there’s air. We feel better for a while. Out of nowhere, the negative mindset is back, the belief is still there, and the love we want still evades us. We still have a Love Lock.


The reason is that you still have the same mindset, beliefs, and energy that you had before. It takes knowledge, work, and time to remove a Love Lock. The truth is that you’re the only one that can remove that Love Lock because you’re the only one that knows how you created it.

You have to do the work.

You have to change the belief.

You have to change the energy.


However, you need the right tools, knowledge, and support.

I come from generations of women that had huge Love Locks.They passed those Love Locks down through cautionary stories.

After my divorce I created my own Love Locks.

The secret to manifesting love? Remove your Love Locks!



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