Whether you have chosen the single girl lifestyle or it was thrust upon you by a divorce or a break-up there are times when being a single girl is overwhelming and depressing.  I call these times The Single Girl Blues.


Those feelings that happen during The Single Girl Blues can make you feel like the world is ending and all hope is lost. You’re doomed to the single life forever and life will never be happy again.


For me these feelings always seemed to happen on the weekend or late at night when there was no one to call to distract me.  I’d basically worry myself to sleep, tossing and turning until the sun came out. With the light of day, things felt okay again.

The Single Girl Blues are exhausting because they keep coming. The right tools will help make them less taxing.


I want to share with you my three tips for getting through The Single Girl Blues.


The first two tips, I know that you know them already but I want to make sure that you DO them.

Seriously, you gotta do them.

The third tip is magic.


Tip 1:

Work on your mindset. Your mindset is powerful. It either pulls you down the rabbit hole or pulls you out of the rabbit hole.  You get to pick. Try your hardest to shift your focus to something less emotionally charged than the thoughts running amuck in your head.  Work toward finding a better feeling thought.  Any thought that feels better will work.  Just keep searching.

When The Single Girls Blues hit, in that moment, it’s easy to forget that you can work through them.  You’ve made through them before and you’ll do it again.


Tip 2:

If working on your mindset didn’t get you out of The Single Girl Blues then get into action. Go for a walk, vacuum your home, clean your closet, or turn up the music and dance.  Physical movement releases endorphins which will make you feel better and at least you were productive during this funky mood.

It’s better to clean the floor than bang your head on it.


Here’s the magic…


Tip 3:


If neither one of those options worked then pull out Funk Fix! Funk Fix is a system that I developed ten years ago to help me through all those rough days.  This system teaches you how to plan ahead for those rough times, tells you what you need to have in your Funk Fix, and gives you more tips on how to make it those tough times easier.

Funk Fix incorporates both the mindset and action into one thing that you can grab easily when you just can’t take another minute of the blues. It’s a happy box that you create and customize. I still use my Funk Fix. I promise you that Funk Fix has gotten me through the toughest times and it will help you, too. My FREE gift to you with no commitment just a click —> Funk Fix

One last thought–you will make it through The Single Girl Blues!  I promise!!

Breathe and know that the blues will pass. Practice these tips and you’ll be ready to tackle the world again!

Are you ready to start living euphorically?