Feeling gloomy?  Whether you’re down in the dumps because of life event or just a wave of despair, those painful thoughts can be both overwhelming and depressing.

A serious case of the “blues” is worth noticing.


Those heavy thoughts that happen during The Blues can make you feel like the world is ending, and all hope is lost. You’re sure you’re doomed to sadness, and life will never be joyful.


Why do those low feelings always seem to happen late at night when there’s no sun, no distractions, and the world has gone to sleep.

Worrisome thought may keep you awake, tossing and turning until the sun shines. With the light of day, thing often felt okay again.

The Blues are exhausting because they keep coming. However, with the right tools, sad thoughts can be diminished.


Here are three tips for getting through a tough case of The Blues.

Tip 1:

Work on your thoughts. The words you think and say can pull you down the rabbit hole, and the right words can pull you right back out.  It’s your choice.

Try your hardest to shift your focus to something less emotionally charged than the thoughts running amuck in your head.

Work toward finding a better feeling thought.  Any thought that feels better will work.  Just keep searching.

When The Blues hit, it’s easy to forget that you can change the pain to a gain.

You’ve made it through tough times before, and you’ll do it again.


Tip 2:

If working on your thoughts didn’t get you out of The Blues, then

get into action.

Go for a walk (even if it’s dark, ever heard of indoor walking?), vacuum your home, clean your closet, or turn up the music and dance.  Physical movement releases endorphins which will make you feel better, and at least you’ll productive during this funky mood.

It’s better to clean the floor than bang your head on it.


Tip 3:

If neither one of those options work, then

pull out Funk Fix!

Funk Fix is a system that I developed ten years ago to help me through rough days or nights.  This system teaches you how to prepare ahead, tells you what you need to have in your Funk Fix, and gives you more tips on how to make The Blues easier.

Funk Fix incorporates both thoughts and action into one

happy, customized, self-created box

that you can grab easily when you just can’t take another sad minute. I promise you that Funk Fix has gotten me through the toughest times, and it will help you, too.

Breathe and know that The Blues will pass. Practice these tips and you’ll be ready to tackle the world again!