I can give you all kinds of fluffy reasons why you should care about self-compassion but I’m not going to. Why?  Because self-compassion is a critical skill that you’ve probably ignored…until you’re faced with a life-changing event.   After you have lost a relationship, for example, you have no self-compassion.  The problem is that you didn’t learn this much needed skill. In fact, most things you’ve previously encountered in life taught you the opposite of true self-compassion.


I know you actually think you have self-compassion don’t you?  Admit it. I’ll wait patiently for your answer…


Done waiting, you’re going to tell me that you already do lots of stuff for yourself.  Let me guess. You think that if you give yourself cute little manis and pedis that you love yourself.  If you take time for yourself to read, exercise, learn a new hobby, and treat yourself to a little present at the mall now and then that you’re compassionate to yourself. Listen to me.  It’s awesome that you do those things but that’s not self-compassion, that’s self-care.


It’s time to start learning how to win at this game of life.   “Win what?” you ask.  How about money, time and love?  The faster, quicker you learn to be compassionate to yourself, the faster you’ll find yourself sunning at the pool, basking on that beach you dream about, or even out on a date.  Self-compassion is the fundamental cornerstone to a freaking amazing life!


Still don’t see how self-compassion will bring you more time and money?


Time is definitely something that you want more of, more quality and more quantity.  Self-compassion contributes to both.  Without self-compassion, you’re constantly judging and measuring yourself. It won’t take anything to knock you off your pedestal. You gained weight. You said something that was awkward or embarrassed yourself. You failed at something. You have a flaw.  You’ll go right to self-hatred and beat the crap out of yourself.

Not having the self-compassion skill reduces your time threefold.

  1. You waste an incredible amount of time locked in negative thoughts when you could be investing that time in thoughts and activities that would move you forward in all areas of life. Quality time.
  2. When you’re constantly belittling yourself and undermining your self-confidence, you limit the actions that you take. For instance, striving for a promotion, saying “hi” to that cute love interest, or starting your own business. Again, quality time.
  3. The strong negative feelings that you produce while you’re in a self-hating phase also changes your physical health and well-being. Now you’re dealing with the quantity of time as well.


What about money and love. Without the skill of self-compassion you’re locked in a battle of negative thoughts. You can’t be thinking negative things and attract positive things. From a money and love stand point, this battle is costing you money and love in the form of opportunity costs. The term opportunity costs is used regularly in economics. If you’re unfamiliar with the term, here’s the basic definition: opportunity cost refers to a benefit that a person could have received, but gave up to take another course of action. Restated, you’re too busy beating yourself up to look for and engage in activities that will help you advance in your financial health and relationship status. How many thousands of dollars do you think you have given up because you’re lacking one skill? How many dates did you miss out on?


Are you ready to be happy?

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