Would you believe me if I said wishes can come true?  You better believe me because that’s exactly right.  IF…

You add something to the wish…

Wishes like the company of a catalyst…

And that company that turns fantasy into reality is…drum roll, please.  Tadumm!



You gotta learn to love goals, sweet pea.  As a coach, I love goals! Heck, my whole business revolves around goals.  Let me let you in on a little secret, there is only one thing better than a goal.

Do you know what this is?

It’s a goal that is successfully completed!

That feeling of achievement is amazing, kind of like living on cloud nine!

Seriously, what is better than working hard at your dream and getting it?


It’s really shame that you will fail at your goals!  You will not live your dream.


I know, I know. I’m a coach. I am supposed to be encouraging and your cheerleader. I also told you that I make my living because of goals. Yet, I just told you that you will fail and your dreams will not happen. Yikes!

Here is another secret, there are two BIG reasons you will fail.

Reason 1: You didn’t write down your goal.  If you did write it down, you did not make the written goal highly visible.  You did not make yourself accountable. You will forget about your goal. FAIL!

Reason 2: You wrote your goal down but did not create a plan to achieve your goal.  No plan means that you have a wish not a goal.  You have no way to achieve this goal.  FAIL!


For goodness sake, write your goal down!  If you can’t even do the first step, you really don’t want to achieve your goal.

Make the goal visible. Don’t just write on a piece of paper that you shove in a drawer! Again, if you can’t even manage to look at your goal daily, you don’t really want it.  Make yourself accountable.


Come up with a step-by-step plan to achieve that goal.  This plan must be detailed with contingencies.  If you want to achieve that goal get honest. Make a real plan. Not a pretty glossy plan. Work the plan. DAILY!

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