November is now in full swing and Thanksgiving is fast approaching. This post isn’t about Thanksgiving in the traditional sense, it’s about gratitude. The traditions and the history that are associated with Thanksgiving are not my bag of chips. The history of this holiday is at best, questionable to downright despicable. I am a vegetarian with a very small family.  So the meal is not really a thing for my family. I do try to make it fun for my munchkin.  Mostly,  she’s happy if I let her play with her mashed potatoes.

However, the name of the holiday is inspiring.  A holiday that is about giving thanks for what you have and the people that support you is actually brilliant.  This actually sounds a lot like gratitude, right?

There isn’t a belief system in the world that doesn’t address gratitude and promote the merits of living in gratitude.  I see gratitude change my clients thoughts. When they shift from a place of negativity to a place of gratitude, their thoughts start to change.  Consequentially, their beliefs and actions also change.

Coaching Pointer: Thoughts become beliefs. Beliefs become actions or lack of actions.  A negative thought can become a deep rooted limiting belief. That limiting belief can completely prevent us from living our dream life.  

So, back to Thanksgiving.  Whatever your beliefs are about the actual holiday,  I urge you to look at November and Thanksgiving as a time to up your practice of gratitude. Consider the month a gratitude boot camp.  Everyday make yourself find people, things, and situations that you are grateful for.  If you have people, that you are grateful for, please don’t forget to tell them.  Everyone wants to hear positive things.